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Outlook error 0x80040119 – Quick Repair Guide!

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In this quick guide I’d like to show you how to repair Outlook error 0x80040119 and bring your Outlook application back to normal functionality. Pay close attention, follow each step, and I’m sure that in several minutes from now you’ll be able to use your Outlook like before.

Problem Description
I guess you’ve received one of the following ‘nice’ error messages:

Sending and receiving reported error
Unknown Error...
An unknown error has occurred...

These (irritating…) error messages usually pop up in one of the following situations:
(1) While trying to read/delete email messages
(2) While clicking the “Send/Receive’” button

Unfortunately, it applies to anyone with MS Outlook 2002/2003/2007/2010 with Windows XP/Vista/7.

There are various assumptions, but no one can really point out one specific reason (not even Microsoft).

What to do in order to repair Outlook error 0x80040119?

(1) Backup your PST file!
This is your MOST important file. Your emails, contacts, calendar, everything is stored by your Outlook application in that file. Before doing anything backup this file.

In Windows XP you can find it under:
C:\Documents and Settings\user\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook  

In Windows Vista you can find it under:

If you can’t find it, just run a quick Windows file search. (Make sure that your search includes hidden files and folders)

(2) You are about to restart your PC, so I suggest you to add this quick guide to your web browser’s FAVORITES folder or just print it, so you can continue after you restart.

(3) Disable applications that access your Outlook
Are there any applications that might access your Outlook? If so, disable them, close Outlook, then restart your PC, open Outlook and see if problem is solved. Then, don’t forget to enable these applications back.

Problem solved? Great!

If not, then your Outlook.pst file is most probably corrupted.

It is recommended to contact a professional data recovery lab or alternatively use the same data recovery tools that those labs are using in order to repair damaged and corrupted Outlook PST files. Here is one example for such a professional Outlook PST repair tool that specifically fixes Outlook error 0x80040119.


Backup your Outlook.pst file at least once a week. It’ll save you a lot of pain…  


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Beatrice Apr 10, 2012

I can't open my outlook. There was an AVG download and since then I haven't been able to open my outlook. ...set of folders could not open. The server is not available....... Will it solve this problem?

Admin Apr 10, 2012

Sounds to me more like a problem with AVG - seems like that update did something to AVG whenever it needs to access Outlook. I recommend you to verify that by disabling AVG first, then restarting your PC, and then see if Outlook opens correctly. In that case it's a problem with AVG (Why don't you switch to Microsoft Security Essentials instead - Microsoft's free anti-virus?)

Let me know if that is the problem or not, and we can continue from there.

Mikee Aug 13, 2011

you can fix 0x80040119 error with ease with this software


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