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A Dynamic Link Library dll Initialization Routine Failed - Fixed!

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Dll errors | A dynamic link library dll initialization routine failed error
A dynamic link library dll initialization routine failed error if left untreated, can have hazardous consequences on the operating system. In this particular article; I’d like to talk about the practical steps that can be taken in order to fix this problem. But, before that; I’d like to go into some details of the various symptoms and the causes of this problem.

I know that many corporate users have reported this problem, while launching Microsoft WORD from IBM Rational Requisite Pro. The full error message is as follows:

RqWordServices: Automation error. A dynamic link library initialization routine failed (RqWordServices. WordWrapper, 736, -2147023782)

This specific error is related to the ScrBlock.dll file, which is being called when ReqPro attempts to launch MS WORD.

Causes to this error
A dynamic link library dll initialization routine failed error can crop up in your PC due to several reasons such as related to SQL server, MS WORD etc. The root cause behind all the problems is usually a defective Windows registry file system. The dll files are not found in their proper location.

In case you’re not familiar with this…Windows registry is a vital part of the Windows system as it houses the paths of the different dll files. Problems arise, when the paths are broken. Paths to dll files usually go missing due to virus or Trojan attacks or due to a faulty installation and removal of various programs on your PC.

Any type of malicious activities which affects the dll files, ultimately hampers the functioning of the Windows registry – something that the usual anti-virus programs can’t handle.

Repairing dll errors caused by corrupted registered file paths

Repairing dll errors caused by corrupted registered file paths

The solution to a dynamic link library dll initialization routine failed error lies in pinpointing the specific damaged Windows registry component and repairing it. This can be done only via a professional Windows errors repair tool as unfortunately not all of these repair tools are at the same level.


I personally always keep such Windows errors repair tool next to my anti-virus software (Avast by the way…). It supplements my anti-virus by ‘catching’ malware that the anti-virus didn’t catch, and by repairing damages caused to the registry.


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O.D. O'CColonee Jan 12, 2012

I a having all kinds of problems involvin my dll. First on boot, I get this SETUPAPI.DLL not found. I renamed the one in it's proper spot frrom .dll to.old. Then I installed a nee clean .DLL from my rescue disk. No change at all. Now it's moved on to attack rundll.dll a file so impott tha I can't get anything to run right any more. I can no longer access my Control Panel. I'm on a restrited income for a hole sle of medicl conditions, payin the ig ucks for pro clean up might be beyond my means. After all we all must eate and drink water. HELP Friends, I know that soe of you guys and gals are of genius stature. I am asking for your help, prove to me that "You are the EMPEROR of ths Highway". Thanks O.D.O.


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