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Asycfilt.dll Errors - Steps to Repair these Error Messages!

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Asycfilt.dll errors
Asycfilt.dll is a process that is part of the Object Linking and Embedding Program and is a part of the shared library of functions. This particular dll file can be accessed by more than one application at the same time. It is also one of the files, which is needed for the Windows to function normally. In the following post I’ll talk about a way to detect and repair errors related to this file.

The symptoms to errors with this file
These problems occur when a program fails to load this particular dll.
The most common asycfilt.dll errors are generally found in programs that use OLE. You can face this issue with MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc. So when one file in linked with the other – this particular file can be used by several applications. The size of this file is 85 KB.

Common error messages that we see with this file usually indicate that it is either not found or missing.

An insight into the causes
Errors related to this file generally occur when you start up or shut down your machine. It can even occur when you’re installing some programs. It may result in your computer freezing or hanging up, or it can slow down and your data can be lost.

The common cause of these errors can be a corruption or deletion of the file, outdated version of the program using it, missing or incorrect registry entry(s), missing or incorrect drivers, or a malware/spyware issue.

Resolving these errors
In most cases, you can repair the majority these errors by yourself.

(1) Scan your PC via your anti-virus and make sure it wasn’t somehow infected.

(2) Verify that all your installed drivers are correct, intact, and up-to date. I highly recommend using the following drivers scanner in order to detect problematic drivers.

Should it find any problematic drivers – replace them immediately!

(3) Conduct a comprehensive scan to your registry – broken/missing/corrupt registry entries cause various errors including dll errors.

Repairing dll errors caused by corrupted registered file paths

Repairing dll errors caused by corrupted registered file paths

Windows registry is a place where all the system information, including DLL file paths are stored. Improper installation of programs might also result in showing dll errors. In order to recover the system from showing such errors you should repair the registry via the above registry scan and repair tool.

Asycfilt.dll errors as well as other dll errors must be handled the minute they show up on your screen, otherwise it may lead to additional unexpected problems.


Although your anti-virus might detect and remove malicious software from your PC, in most cases it won’t be able to detect and repair damages that these malware left on your registry system. For that you’ll need a reliable registry scanner as explained above.


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