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Atioglxx.dll Crash Error -- Fix it via the Following Tool!

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Dll errors | Atioglxx.dll crash error
The Atioglxx.dll crash error can be easily treated and the good news is that you can do it all by yourself. If you’re facing through the above dll problem, then this article is especially for you. Go through this article very carefully and after that you’ll be able to fix it by yourself.

About this dll
The atioglxx.dll module is the ATI OpenGL driver.
It contains a standard specification, which defines a multi-language multi-platform API for writing 2D and 3D computer graphics applications. This dll module is applied in many applications, which includes CAD, information visualization, scientific visualization and flight stimulation.

This dll file performs two functions; one is to remove the complexity of interacting with various 3D accelerators by offering a single API to the programmer, and the second one is to hide the differences between hardware platforms.

The common path of the file is C:\Windows\System32 and the applications associated with it are C, C++, FORTRAN, Ada and Java etc. The file size is around 1.85 MB.

The error symptoms that crop up on screen are:

dll file not found

the file dll is missing

this application failed to start because dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem

The other problems that are connected with the particular dll error are slow PC performance, blue screen of death errors, runtime errors, problems during the start-up and shut down of the PC.

Causes to this dll error
The various causes of the Atioglxx.dll crash error are using an incorrect/old driver, spyware, malware or virus attack, improper installation or removal of a program, and Windows registry database corruption.

Repairing dll errors caused by corrupted registered file paths

Repairing dll errors caused by corrupted registered file paths

But in a nutshell, we can say that one of the most prominent causes of this dll error is a defective Windows registry and the existence of a problematic driver. The registry contains the paths of the dll files, most of which are shared among the various applications in order to perform certain operations successfully. Sometimes, it happens that we need to uninstall an application and along with the uninstall, the corresponding dll file path also gets deleted giving rise to these errors.

Solution to repair it
One of the best solutions to fix the Atioglxx.dll crash error is to use an automatic and reliable Windows errors repair tool from authentic sources in the internet. Before using and installing such repair tool, you should make sure that it is compatible with your operating system. The above tool handles all the issues I’ve indicated earlier: problematic drivers, malware, and registry problems.


I highly recommend you to use such repair tool on a regular basis and not only as a solution to this specific problem. Set it to regularly scan, detect, and repair possible problems that might later cause you a lot of headache.


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