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Atl80.dll Missing Error - Fixing Errors Related to this File!

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Dll errors | Atl80.dll Missing Error
Looking for a solution to the Atl80.dll missing error? Having trouble with that file? In the following article I’ll explain the reasons for common errors associated with this dll module and how to repair them.

Short background about this module
This dll module from Microsoft Inc. is one of VisualStudio 2005 key components as it helps developers of ASP scripts and/or VisualStudio 2005 language compilers.

This module is usually found under the following path:
c:\program files\microsoft visual studio 8\vc\redist\x86\microsoft.vc80.atl

However, there might be other programs on your computer that share and use this dll module.

Possible causes to the Atl80.dll missing error
The most common circumstances in which Windows pops up errors message associated with this dll module include the following:

(1) Malware infection
(2) Damage caused to your registry system.

When malware attack your PC, besides infecting files, it also targets other parts of your Windows – in many cases it targets your registry system. That’s where Windows registers entries and paths related to your various dll modules.

When a registry entry related to that dll module is missing or incorrect, all programs that use this dll file, simply can’t find their access paths = Windows error messages.

Now registry damages might also occur if you’ve improperly uninstalled or installed a program that shares this dll module. So the cause isn’t exclusively due to a malware.

What to do?
The most effective way to resolve both issues (malware and registry damages) is done via a reliable and advanced Windows errors repair tool (and not via an anti-virus!).

Scanning for incorrect dll registered file paths

Scanning for incorrect dll registered file paths

In order to repair Atl80.dll missing error messages and other problems related to this file, this repair tool conducts a comprehensive scan to your hard drive. It detects and removes malware, then detects and repairs any damages caused to your Windows registry system that later cause Windows to pop up these error messages.


In many cases incorrect or old drivers might also cause dll errors. In that case it is recommended to detect and replace those drivers (system and device drivers).


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