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Bho.dll Errors - Download this Repair Tool to Fix it!

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Dll errors | Bho.dll Errors
Getting the same Bho.dll error messages, every time you open up your computer is really a pain in the…. So if you really want to get a solution for this problem and be able to fix it all by yourself then read the following troubleshooting guide.

What are the symptoms?
This specific dll file is usually located in one the following paths:
C:\Program Files
C:\Documents and Settings

File size of this dll ranges between 170K–250K, and it isn’t belonging to your Windows system.

Here are the common error messages related to this file:
This application has failed to start because…not found. Reinstalling the application may fix the problem
Error opening file,…is missing

Take a look at the causes
In the majority of occurrences, the source of Bho.dll error is a malware infection including damages caused to your registry due to that malware, or due to another problem with one or more registry entries related to this specific dll file.

I mean, even if your anti-virus software has been able to detect and remove that malware, it hasn’t been able (as most anti-virus software) to detect and repair damages it has left on your Windows registry system.

In general, when Windows cannot access/find the path to a dll file via the registry system, you can expect Windows errors to popup.

Let’s see how to resolve this
In this situation ‘conventional’ anti-virus software is unfortunately NOT enough. You need the help of a professional Windows errors repair tool that:

(1) Detects and removes such malware
(2) Detects and repairs damages caused to your Windows registry system.

Scanning for incorrect dll registered file paths

Scanning for incorrect dll registered file paths

Now I know that there are various similar repair tools available, however from my experience, this one is among the few that enable you to handle both malware and registry issues.

At least in two different occasions it has been able to detect and remove malware on my PC that my anti-virus software (Avast) hasn’t been able to detect at all…

Anyway, download it, let scan your PC for the source of this Bho.dll error and after it repairs it, I highly advise you to set it to auto-scan your PC for possible errors on a regular basis.


This tool is backed up with human support, I mean in case it hasn’t been able to detect and repair the problem, the guys behind that tool will help you out until the problem is solved.


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