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Can't Load getdxver.dll Error -- How to Get it Fixed!

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Dll errors | can’t load getdxver.dll error
To all Cyberlink software users out there whom are suffering from this can't load getdxver.dll error – follow these guidelines. In a short while I’ll explain what the source of the problem is and how you can repair it.

The situation…
This annoying Windows error usually occurs after installing or while using one of Cyberlink’s applications (Mostly in Power Director, Power DVD, or Youcam).

The causes
There are 3 main reasons what this happens:
(1) You haven’t installed one of Cyberlink applications properly.
(2) There’s a driver problem
(3) Windows registry problem

Do the following to repair it
The first thing you should do is removing that problematic Cyberlink application, then reinstalling it, and restarting your PC.

If that doesn’t help then it is either a driver or registry problem.

Problematic drivers are corrupted drivers, obsolete, incorrect, or missing drivers. If something went wrong with one of the drivers associated with this dll file, then you can expect the can't load getdxver.dll error.

An improper software installation in many cases damages parts of your Windows registry system associated with dll files, as one example, belonging to that software. And in that situation, again, if Windows can’t access or find the paths to those dll files when it is required to, then errors related to those dll files start popping up.

Even if you’ve installed that software several times, it might not overcome the damages already left in your Windows registry by the improper installation.

Searching for damaged registered dll file paths

Searching for damaged registered dll file paths

Use this repair tool
One easy way to fix the can't load getdxver.dll error is via this Windows errors repair tool - it detects and repairs problematic drivers as well as damages caused to your registry system. B.T.W it might detect many other problem in your PC that might slow down your PC’s performance, so I highly recommend you to take care of these problems as well.


Another possible reason for faulty drivers and/or registry problems is a malware infection. The repair tool that I’ve just mentioned takes care of such malware as well, so pay a close attention to this point when it scans your PC.


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