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Dll Error on Startup - How to Repair it - Troubleshooting Guide!

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Dll Errors on Startup
Windows users having a dll error on startup must pay a close attention to two important points that in most cases are the source to these kinds of problems. Read the following troubleshooting guide as I’ll show you an easy way to fix these errors.

Symptoms of these error messages
Have you lately got rid of any malware or any other form of spyware/virus?
Well, most PC users whom are getting these annoying popup errors telling them that the specified module could not be found or that a dll file could not be located or missing, have no idea that the problem is actually somewhere else…

Here is what happened…
Having a dll error on startup usually indicates that you’ve probably been hit by a malware that damaged your Windows registry system.

So even if you’ve been able to detect and remove that malware from your computer thanks to your anti-virus software, this isn’t enough, for a simple reason – anti-virus software can’t repair damages caused to your registry system.

It probably damaged one or more of your registry startup entries.

Another possible reason - one of your programs hasn’t been removed correctly from your computer, thus damaging your registry system.

How to repair it
First you need to make sure that the malware does not exist on your computer anymore. Once you do that, you need to scan your registry system and detect the damages that it has left.

Pinpointing problematic registered dll file paths

Pinpointing problematic registered dll file paths

The way to repair almost any dll error on startup is by using an advanced and up-to-date Windows errors repair tool that scans your entire Windows system and detects + removes malware, then scans your registry system and repairs any damaged registry entries. Now of course you can try and repair the registry on your own, but this is quite risky if you have no idea how to do that properly, so unless you’re a Windows Pro I wouldn’t recommend you to try that.


While using this Windows errors repair tool I highly recommend to check all your system and device drivers. Problematic drivers are known to cause various problems and in some situations they might even crash your entire Windows system.


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