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Dll Failed to Register? Follow these Guidelines!

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Dll errors | Dll Failed to Register error
Among the various Windows errors, the Dll Failed to Register error isn’t that common, however it is repairable (quite easily) as I’ll explain in just a moment. Just follow the guidelines provided here and within several minutes you’ll be able to fix it by yourself.

This error usually includes the following message: Failed to register the DLLs required by the program. It isn’t related to a specific program or any specific Windows OS. However, it usually occurs on Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7.

However in most cases this error seems to pop up while installing programs (even if the installation takes place as an Administrator).

There are two steps that you need to take:

(1) Should you be able to identify via the Dll Failed to Register error message itself to which program this dll belongs to - simply try to uninstall that application and then reinstall it.

If that doesn’t help, then…

(2) Scan your Windows registry system for any possible errors. There’s a possibility that one or several of your Windows registry entries related to this dll file are either missing or corrupted.

In many cases dll errors popup due to bad registration of dll files in the Windows registry, thus causing Windows to pop up such errors, preventing you from using one or several programs, and in some cases even totally crash applications.

Searching for damaged registered dll file paths

Searching for damaged registered dll file paths

If for instance a registry entry related to a specific dll file is either missing or corrupt, once you try to execute a program that makes use of that dll, simply won’t be able to access it…the result is provided to you by Windows in the form of a pop up error (in the best case…).

Again, in order to handle this Dll Failed to Register error properly, it is highly recommended to download the following Windows errors fixer - it’ll track down and repair the exact source of the problem.


After installing this Windows errors fixer, configure it to conduct auto-scans, say once or twice a week. This is extremely important in order to keep a proper maintenance for your PC’s ‘health’. By doing so it may save you a lot of trouble in the future and enable you to avoid possible errors before they take place. Treat this issue the same way as you treat the protection of your PC against computer viruses via your anti-virus software.


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