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Driveletteraccess dlashx_w.dll Error and How to Fix it!

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Dll errors | Driveletteraccess dlashx_w.dll error
The driveletteraccess dlashx_w.dll error is frustrating, I know. But as I’ll show you in a moment there’s no need to bother about this because I found a relatively easy solution so that anyone can easily fix the problem.

This dll file belongs to the Sonic DLA or Roxio DLA or Sonic UDF Reader by Sonic Solutions or Roxio. The respective file is usually located in the subfolder of C:\Windows\System 32. The known file sizes of this file are 110,652 bytes, 114,748 bytes, 110,647 bytes.

It belongs to a browser helper object (BHO) that runs automatically, every time you open Internet Explorer. (It is not a Windows system file).

The error messages associated with this file that emerge are usually:

driveletteraccess dlashx_w.dll file not found or missing

The specified paths of dll files like that of we are discussing here, are stored in the Windows registry system and the correct paths ensure that the associated programs or the applications are operating smoothly. For example, the correct path of this dll file ensures that Internet Explorer browser is working correctly.

But over time, due to various reasons such as improper installation and removal of certain applications, malware or spyware attacks, and due to overwriting of dll files or the deletion of the paths of the dll files, the Windows registry system gets damaged and so the error messages crop up on the computer screen.

Scanning for incorrect dll registered file paths

Scanning for incorrect dll registered file paths

One of the most effective solutions you can adopt for the driveletteraccess dlashx_w.dll error is to download a reliable Windows errors repair tool from the internet and run a complete scan of the Windows registry. This Windows errors fixer repairs all the corrupted registry entries that cause this error to emerge. More importantly, unlike ‘conventional’ anti-virus tools it removes all types of malware and spywares that are affecting the registry and giving rise to this error.

If you have any additional tips, comments, and suggestions regarding this error – feel free to post them at the bottom of this page.


After repairing this error I highly recommend you to set this repair tool to automatically and periodically scan your Windows system, say once a week. This can help you to avoid future similar dll errors.


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