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Driveletteraccess tfswshx.dll error - Here is a Solution!

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Dll errors | Driveletteraccess tfswshx.dll error
Whenever you get a Driveletteraccess tfswshx.dll error, don’t run away from the problem. There may be various issues due to which this error occurs and you have to sort out the specific problem so that you can implement the proper repair solution.

Symptoms you might get
This dll file is basically part of a packet writing application that uses optical disc recording technology. It is part of a Browser Helper Object (BHO) developed by Veritas Software. It is also known as Drive Letter Access Component.

The various symptoms, from which you can get to know that, usually include one or several of the following problems: slow PC performance, problems in startups and shut downs, hardware failure, as well as blue screen crashes.

The common Windows error messages that you may get while working on your computer are the not found, and missing errors.

What causes this error?
One of the major causes to this Driveletteraccess tfswshx.dll error is a corrupted Windows registry file. The registry is one of the main parts of your operating system, it contains the various information related to your installed programs and the installed hardware devices. You can find out the details of all your programs if you look into your Windows registry.

Click Start -> Run…
Type: regedit and click OK

Most of the errors associated with this file occur due to malware attacks as well as damages caused to your registry due to these malware.

What to do?
After understanding the root cause of the problem, I’d like to show you how to effectively repair this Driveletteraccess tfswshx.dll error on your own. The first and foremost thing, you should do is to scan for any possible malware.

I mean not just via a malware detection and removal tool such as Avast or Norton AV, but via an advanced Windows errors repair tool that:

1. Detects and removes that malware
2. Detects and repairs any damages it has caused to your registry system
3. Detects any other damages caused to your Windows registry
4. Detect and replaces problematic system and hardware drivers

Scanning for incorrect dll registered file paths

Scanning for incorrect dll registered file paths

Simply download this repair tool to track down and repair all the errors that exist in your registry (Should take around 2-3 minutes).

If you have any additional tips, comments, and suggestions regarding this error – feel free to post them at the bottom of this page.


Important Tip!
You have to clean your system’s registry at regular intervals of time, say at least once a week. Most PC users are not aware of this, and unfortunately you already understand what the consequences are by now…


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