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Eio.dll Cannot Load Error -- Here is Why it Happens!

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Dll errors | Cannot Load Eio.dll Error
The Eio.dll Cannot Load error can become really frustrating if not treated in the required interval of time. These types of errors can lead to other serious consequences. This article puts focus on the symptoms, root causes and the possible ways as to how to fix the problem.

Most people are complaining of this particular error, after they’ve installed NVidia Smart Doctor application. The ASUS Smart Doctor is a group of special tools which monitor the fan RPM, AGP power level, GPU and RAM temperature. It is equipped with the hyper drive and smart cooling technology which can dynamically overclock and change the fan speed for better performance.

Eio.dll is a dynamic link library component of Asus. The data file has been developed by Asustek computer Inc. The file location is C:\Program files\Asus\smart doctor. The various types of error messages that are prevalent are: cannot load ...dl, ….dll file missing, ...dll file not found.

Now, coming to the causes of Eio.dll Cannot Load error, we can point Windows registry as one of the root causes of the varied dll errors. The registry contains the paths of the dll files. It is a central database that stores all the information related to the various hardware devices and the software installed in the computer.

Scanning for incorrect dll registered file paths

Scanning for incorrect dll registered file paths

It also contains the information of the various user profiles and system setup information. Each and every installation and uninstallation of programs that are performed in the system are recorded in the registry. But, the registry gets clogged up over time due to several reasons such as faulty installation and uninstallation procedures undertaken, virus attacks etc.

To fix the Eio.dll Cannot Load error, make use of this Windows errors repair tool. These repair tools are very efficient in maintaining the database of the registry. They are equipped with various tools which scan the registry and remove all the unwanted and malicious entries. They defrag the registry in order to remove any vacant spaces found and re-index the fragmented registry in order to make it compact and accessible. Another advantage associated with these repair tools is that they can create backups of the registry prior to making any changes to the registry.


I highly recommend you to verify that all your system and device drivers are intact. Corrupt or outdated drivers are also known for causing various dll errors.


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