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Entry point not found dynamic link library Error - How to Fix it!

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Dll errors | Entry point not found dynamic link library error
Getting the entry point not found dynamic link library error frequently while working on your personal computer is very frustrating. After investigating through dll errors over the years I found a convenient solution to the problem. Herby, I will discuss the symptoms, causes and the solutions of this error.

Let’s talk about the symptoms
Dll stands for dynamic link library. A dll file is a necessary component of a particular program or application. In the absence of dll file, the program or the application cannot run properly.

Before discussing this error, we have to know about the entry point. An entry point is a memory address present inside the dll and it contains the data of the calls or requests that are made by the dll files onto other dll files in order to retrieve some sort of information.

But sometimes dll errors occur due to several reasons, which we will discuss below and various error messages pop up in the computer screen. The error messages that pop up can be:

Cannot find entry point in dynamic link library in XXX.dll
Procedure entry point…could not be located in the dynamic link library XXX.DLL

The possible causes
One possible cause of these types of errors is the deletion or the altered form of these files. Dll errors can happen due to various reasons.

However, the most common cause to these errors is the attack of viruses and spyware. Many times they directly attack the Windows registry system so even if they are detected and removed by your anti-virus, it can’t repair the damages left in the registry system.

The Windows registry contains the path to these files and therefore if it gets corrupted it might not be able to ‘find’ your dll files.

In that case you can expect Windows to ‘spit-out’ errors of all kinds…

Scanning for incorrect dll registered file paths

Scanning for incorrect dll registered file paths

What is the solution?
It is clear that the root cause of your entry point not found dynamic link library error is most probably a malware or spyware infection, or a corrupted registry system, or both...

One of the assured solutions to get rid of these error messages is to repair the defective Windows registry. Use the following Windows errors repair tool in order to detect and repair all your corrupted dll paths.


Don’t try to manually repair your registry system!
You might risk in additional Windows errors and even crash your Windows system.


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sayanth shijan Sep 30, 2014

Its a game (rembember me)

Rememberme.exe-Entry Point Not Found

The procedure entry point invaild parameter noinfo noreturn could not be located in the dynamic link library MSVCR100.dll.

Armando Zamora Mar 15, 2012

Would it be better to reinstall windows than to have some software to repair the dll's?

Admin Mar 15, 2012

Do you really prefer all the trouble of reinstalling Windows just for fixing this error...? I've just provided you with an easier and faster repair option.


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