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Error Loading dll File? Here is What You Need to Do!

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Dll errors | Error Loading dll File
If you’ve recently started getting this error loading dll file popup error then there are two things that you need to do. There are probably two issues related to each other that cause this error. Keep reading – I’ll show you what you need to do in order to fix it.

I came across various users who complain that this error pops up every time they start up their PC. It seems to start for no special reason and usually the error message that they’re getting is:

Error loading XXX.dll, the specified module could not be found

For quite a few other Windows users I’ve noticed that this error pops up right after their anti-virus software had cleaned up and removed malware from their machines. So, now here’s one clue to begin with…

The source of the problem
I’ve mentioned earlier that there are probably two problems related to each other that most probably cause your Windows to ‘spit-out’ that error loading dll file message.

(1) Malware problem
(2) Corrupted registry entries (left over from a malware)
(3) ‘Conventional’ damaged registry entries

There are high chances that a malware infected your PC and at the same time corrupted one or more of your Windows registry entries. Your anti-virus might (…or might not!) have detected and removed that malware, but unfortunately most anti-virus software can’t repair corrupted registry entries.

If that isn’t the case, then your Windows registry system most probably got damaged due to ‘conventional’ reasons, such as improper software or driver installation/update or removal.

Searching for damaged registered dll file paths

Searching for damaged registered dll file paths

Here is what you need to do
The fastest (and by far the easiest) way to pinpoint and repair the exact source of this error loading dll file message, is by conducting a comprehensive system scan via a reliable Windows errors repair tool . Unlike anti-virus software, these tools not only detect and remove malware, but repair damages that they’ve left in your registry system, as well as other registry damages.


Very Important!
There’s another possibility – these errors might also appear when you’re using wrong/defective system or device drivers. Verify (via this repair tool) that all your drivers are intact; otherwise replace them.


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