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Fixing Halmacpi.dll and Ntkrnlpa.exe BSoD Crashes

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Dll errors | Halmacpi.dll and Ntkrnlpa.exe BSoD Crashes
In the following post I’ll provide several suggestions as for how to resolve common errors related to Halmacpi.dll. Anyway, if you’ve bumped into other errors related to this file, feel free to post them below, at the end of this page.

About Halmacpi.dll
Hardware Abstraction Layer DLL – Part of Microsoft® Windows ® OS.

Common problems
(1) Random Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) crashes
(2) BSoD crashes right after computer start ups (especially Windows 7)
(3) Dll not found or missing error messages start popping up
(4) These problems start showing up right after installing new video cards
(5) irql_not_less_or_equal and 5ba9 errors

Causes to this error
It could be a problem with your memory sticks or with the HDD; however, in most cases there are 3 main factors:

(1) A recent virus/Trojan infection
(2) Corrupted dll file
(2) A problem with one or several drivers

How to repair

(1) Check for a possible malware infection
I suggest you to conduct and in-depth virus scan via a reliable anti-virus program. I have no idea which one is installed on your computer, but I highly recommend you to install Microsoft’s free anti-virus called: Microsoft Security Essentials.

If no malware was detected:

(2) Run Windows SFC scan
Windows provides you with an excellent tool called SFC – System File Checker which deals with corrupted/missing system files including Dll and .exe files. If something went wrong with one or several of your system files, such simple scan can easily fix file corruption or file absence issues.

(3) Detect and replace all outdated drivers
Outdated drivers are one of the most common causes to many Halmacpi.dll errors. By simply detecting, removing, and replacing those drivers you can resolve this problem as well as many other driver related errors and system crashes.

How to detect and replace such drivers?
Use the following drivers diagnostics and repair tool – it’ll automatically tell you which drivers are outdated and suggest updated (certified) replacement drivers for you to download and install.


Comments and tips
I invite you to add any comments or tips regarding Halmacpi.dll if you believe it’ll help others to resolve their problem.


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chakrapun Sep 27, 2012

good job.


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