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Glide3x.dll Missing Error -- Fix it -- Do Not Ignore it!

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Dll errors | Glide3x.dll missing error
Glide3x.dll missing error and other errors related to this file are usually caused due to two main factors that I’ll explain in a moment. Fixing these errors isn’t that complicated, so no special technical skills are required. By the end of this article I’ll explain how to do that.

The source of this dll file
It belongs to one of your installed applications that function together (3D games and Multimedia) with your Voodoo graphic card (Manufactured by 3DFX Interactive Inc.). This file is vital for Voodoo graphic cards to function properly.

The file size is around 160K and can usually be found at:

Users whom are having problems with this file usually get an error message telling them that: This application has failed to start because dll was not found or that thisdll is missing.

The sources to this Glide3x.dll missing error
As I’ve indicated earlier, there are two main sources that usually cause this error to erupt:
(1) Malware or spyware infection
(2) Problem with one/several of your device drivers

These two problems might be connected to each other, I mean that a malware might have infected and corrupted one of your device drivers that makes use of this dll file.

Pinpointing problematic registered dll file paths

Pinpointing problematic registered dll file paths

Another option is a malware infection that corrupted one or several of your Windows registry entries (an anti-virus won’t help you here) that contain the access path for programs that try to make use of this dll file. In other words, if programs try to access that dll file and the path to that file is either missing or incorrect (due to that malware) then Windows immediately pops up these error messages.

Fixing this error
The easiest to detect the source(s) to this Glide3x.dll missing error as well as other common errors is conducting a free scan to your Windows system. In about two minutes you’ll be able to detect the exact source of the problem (Malware? Driver? Registry?) and more importantly, by the end of the scan you’ll have an option to fix this error.


Dll errors are only the symptoms to other problems such as viruses and spyware that reside in your Windows system or corrupted registry system. DO NOT ignore these errors even if you believe that you can live with them. This might work in the short term but in the long term this might get you into bigger trouble.


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