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Hpxp3390.dll Missing Error - It can be Fixed Quite Easily!

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Dll errors | Hpxp3390.dll missing error
There are two sources of which you need to take a look at when Windows pops up an Hpxp3390.dll missing error. Don’t try to download this dll file from anywhere, it won’t help. In a minute I’ll explain how to track down these two sources in order to repair this error.

Description of the problem
Errors related to this dll file are typical for HP 3050 All-in-One users.
The most typical situation is whenever you try to scan anything - you get the following error message: HP Scanning Software file hpxp3390.dll is needed.

Using HP’s Installation CD(?)
Reinstalling your printer’s ‘operating system’ via HP’s original installation CD might not help due to the fact that in many cases the problem is with a specific part in your Window system.

The two sources of the problem
As mentioned earlier an Hpxp3390.dll missing error occurs due to one or both the following reasons:

(1) Something went wrong with the printer driver –
- It has either been installed incorrectly, or
- It is incompatible/obsolete, or
-It got corrupted

(2) A Windows registry entry related to this dll file got damaged
Your printer can’t find/access that dll file due to a problem in the registry system.

The most effective solution to the two sources of the problem is installing an advanced Windows errors repair tool that does the following:

(1) Detecting and correctly replacing any problematic printer drivers as well as all your other system and device drivers. (It’ll automatically and safely ‘fetch’ the correct and most updated drivers)

(2) Detecting and repairing any damages caused to your Windows registry system.

Detecting problematic dll related file paths

Detecting problematic dll related file paths

If you intend to find this dll file on the internet and hope that this will solve the Hpxp3390.dll missing error, then forget it…it won’t work. The problem is either a driver or registry issue (or both), and the only safe way that I know of to fix this problem is by using a reliable repair tool - the same tool that I’ve been personally using for a long time now.


Set it to auto-scan your Windows OS for at least once or twice a week. I found this very helpful in preventing future possible Windows and application errors including application malfunctions and crashes.


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