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Icfgnt.dll Missing Error -- Here is My Solution!

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Dll errors | Icfgnt.dll missing error
There are various causes of the Icfgnt.dll missing error, out of which some are very common. Most of the people don’t give much attention to these types of errors however; these errors in the long run can create several severe problems in the system. In a moment you’ll learn how to repair this error permanently.

Symptoms of this error
This dll is associated with Internet Explorer and it helps the browser to download and read data from the internet. Dll files are composed of a set of codes or commands that facilitates one or more applications to carry out a specific function. This specific dll file is located in the Icw.cab archive.

During the loading of Internet Explorer, the various error messages might popup:

Windows cannot load the internet configuration library (dll). The following error occurred:

dll not found

the file dll is missing

The various causes of the Icfgnt.dll missing error are missing or damaged icfgnt.dll file paths, outdated device drivers, virus and spyware infections, and registry damages. A damaged registry is one of the main causes of all the dll related errors that occur in the system.

The registry is a big database of Windows operating system and it stores lists of references for the dll files on the system. The presence of correct file path locations in the registry is very much necessary for the proper functioning of the various application programs. But over time, the registry gets corrupted or infected due to several factors such as malware or spyware attacks, improper installation and removal of programs etc.

Searching for damaged registered dll file paths

Searching for damaged registered dll file paths

The dll file paths that are present in the registry are shared by the different programs at a time. In case a program is deleted or uninstalled, the respective dll file path may also get deleted and this creates a problem in the functioning of the other programs which were sharing the same dll file.

The solution to this error
As Windows registry is the main cause of the Icfgnt.dll missing error, a professional Windows errors repair tool can do the job for you. An efficient repair tool will repair all the registry errors that cause this dll error to erupt.


I personally use this Windows errors repair tool not only to repair dll errors and other errors whenever they pop up, but to maintain my PC’s ‘Health’ and performance at an optimal level.


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