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Isinstalled class wsdetect.dll Error - Quick Repair Tip!

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Dll errors | Isinstalled class wsdetect.dll error
The Isinstalled class wsdetect.dll error which you are facing is most probably caused due to two reasons. You can troubleshoot it on your own, whether you are computer savvy or not, by following these simple guidelines that I’ll discuss shortly.

Symptoms of this dll error
The wsdetect.dll file is a process that belongs to the Java platform SE 6 U3 program from Sun Microsystems. The various error messages that commonly crop up with this dll file are:

…not found
the file is missing
could not find C:\Windows\system 32… etc.

Two main causes
As per my experience, which I got by investigating about these errors; I can say that the two main root causes of the problem is either a faulted Windows registry and/or malware infection.

Option #1:
A malware infected the file

Option #2:
A malware corrupted a registry key related to this dll file

Option #3:
Your Windows registry got corrupted due to other reasons

It is clear that due to all that your Windows can’t ‘see’ or ‘detect’ that file, and that’s why it pops up Isinstalled class wsdetect.dll error messages whenever you use or try to execute programs that try to use that dll file.

How to repair this error
The only (effective) way that I can recommend of, in order to find out which option(s) out of the 3 might be the source to this trouble, is to scan your PC via a reliable Windows errors detection and repair tool.

Pinpointing problematic registered dll file paths

Pinpointing problematic registered dll file paths

Unlike your anti-virus (you do have one, right…?), an advanced Windows errors repair tool specializes not only in detecting and removing malware from your PC, but be able to detect and repair the damages and ‘remains’ of such malware, as well as repairing Windows errors caused due to a damaged registry system.

In several minutes it should be able to detect the source to this Isinstalled class wsdetect.dll error and be able to fix it.


The tool I’ve recommended here isn’t one of those ‘registry cleaners’ that you might have heard of. So, feel free to share your experience (below) and tell us how it helped you to get rid of this error message.


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jose moreno Feb 18, 2013

very good


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