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Mapi32.dll Missing Error -- Recommended Solution!

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Mapi32.dll missing error

If you’re encountering the Mapi32.dll missing error every time you use an email application or at times; when you open up your PC, then you need to consider some critical points which are very much essential to know before attempting to fix the problem. After going through this article, you’ll get the permanent solution to this error.

About this dll
This dll stands for Windows Messaging API. It is a module which belongs to the MAPI program and is used in many email applications. It is a Microsoft Windows program interface that enables the user to send emails from a Windows application and attach the required document onto the email note. The applications that make use of this dll file are word processors, spreadsheets and graphics applications. The file size is around 33 KB.

It isn’t that rare that overtime various error messages occur due to this file. The error messages that emerge in the computer screen while working are:

dll not found

this application failed to start because dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem

the file dll is missing

What causes these errors?
The Mapi32.dll missing error is mainly caused due to a defective Windows registry. This is because of the fact that the registry contains the file path locations of the dll files. File paths might get corrupted due to viruses and malware attacks as one example.

Repairing dll errors caused by corrupted registered file paths

Repairing dll errors caused by corrupted registered file paths

Another possible cause is a faulty installation or uninstall of applications. This is because dll files are shared by more than one program at a particular instant of time and an improper deletion or uninstall of one program will ultimately delete the associated dll file path resulting in functionality problems of the other programs.

Recommend solution:
Basically, the Mapi32.dll missing error is mostly related to the Windows registry because the file paths are stored in the registry itself. To eliminate all these types of errors you need to opt for a reliable Windows errors repair tool which can solve all the problems existing inside the registry.


You wouldn’t leave your PC without a proper and constant anti-virus protection, right? I highly recommend using this ‘preventive maintenance’ technology – it’ll constantly keep an eye on your Windows system in order to prevent from any possible problematic factors to harm and/or cause damage to your Windows proper functionality. I’d like to clarify - this isn’t an anti-virus!


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