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Mfplat.dll Missing Error -- Fixing this Error Safely!

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Mfplat.dll missing error
There are several reasons why the Mfplat.dll missing error occurs and there’s an easy way that can solve this problem as well as other problems associated with this dll module. In the following auricle I’ll go into more details about this problem and the way to solve it.

About this Dll module
We know that it is located under the following folder: C:\Windows\System32\.
The size of this file is around 180K and it is part of the Media Foundation Platform, which is a component of Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows 7 OS.

This dll file is part of a Multimedia platform which is responsible for transmitting digital media in both Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Common errors associated with this file usually occur when trying to open multimedia files. The most common error that pops up on screen is: the program can't start because dll is missing from your computer.

Common reasons for getting Mfplat.dll missing error messages
There are many reasons that may cause this error to erupt one day, however there are 3 main reasons that you should be focusing on: Mlaware/Spyware, registry, drivers.

When a malware attacks the file, not only it infects it but it usually corrupts the entries related to that file in your Windows registry system. This means that even if your anti-virus has been able to detect and remove that malware/spyware, you still might get that error after all.

Unfortunately, most anti-virus software can only detect and remove most malware, however, they can’t detect and repair damages caused to the registry system. Later I’ll talk about who can do that.

Pinpointing problematic registered dll file paths

Pinpointing problematic registered dll file paths

Another common reason is a problematic driver.
By “problematic” I mean that an obsolete (outdated), corrupted, or incorrect driver or drivers might also cause you various dll errors.

Fixing this error
I promised a way to solve this Mfplat.dll missing error, so the easiest, and by far the safest way that I can recommend you to repair these types of error messages is downloading a professional Windows errors repair tool. By using it to scan your entire PC (free scan), you’ll be able to detect in about 2-3 minutes whether the cause to this error is a Malware/spyware, a registry problem, or a problematic driver. By the end of the scan you’ll have an option to enable it to automatically fix this error as well as other errors it might have detected as well.


Don’t try to repair it yourself!
Should the problem be in your Windows registry, I highly recommend you NOT to try and manually mess with your Windows registry system. Use only professional repair tools as recommended above. I’ve seen too many people who were trying to do that ending up with additional problems that in some cases might lead to various application and Windows crashes.


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