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Mlang.dll Error -- Here are Several Solutions!

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Mlang.dll error
There are two reasons why Mlang.dll errors usually occur. In the following post I’ll go over these reasons and provide you with a way to fix these errors.

About Mlang.dll
Multi Language Support DLL - created by Microsoft Corporation and part of Windows OS. Usually located at: C:\Windows\System32 . This module is used by applications such as Internet Explorer and Outlook Express for language related issues and support. Basically it converts character sets to Unicode and vice versa.

Common problems
You might encounter errors with Mlang.dll when starting your PC, or when launching MS Outlook, MS Outlook Express, Internet Explorer, and MS Publisher or when visiting certain Websites via Internet Explorer.

Causes to this error
Errors related to this dll file usually occur in two situations: the file isn’t registered properly, or there is a problem with a file path registration related to that file, or when your Mystssk_.ttf TrueType font is corrupt.

How to repair it

(1) Detect for any Mlang.dll registration errors and other related errors
Simply download the following Windows errors scanner. Let it conduct an in-depth scan to your Windows system in order to detect any existing errors related to this dll file. By the end of the scan simply review the errors report and see if it had found anything related to that dll – if it did, it’ll tell you what the problem is and enable you to fix it.

Repairing dll errors caused by corrupted registered file paths

Repairing dll errors caused by corrupted registered file paths

(2) Remove Mystssk_.ttf file
You need to find that font and simply delete it from your system. This font is known to be a trigger to Mlang.dll errors.

(1) Click Start menu -> Run
(2) Type fonts and click OK
(3) Delete Mystssk_.ttf file
(4) Restart Windows

By following these two steps the problem should be resolved.


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