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Mpr.dll Missing Error -- Repair Tips!

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Mpr.dll missing error
In the following post you’ll find several tips that’ll enable you to fix the Mpr.dll missing error as well as other common errors related to this dll file. Since this is a Windows OS system file, there are several ways to handle it.

About Mpr.dll
Known as Multiple Provider Router DLL from Microsoft® Windows® Operating System.
This dll module enables Windows OS to communicate with your installed network providers. It enables you to connect to several network providers using several protocols. The file can usually be found under: C:\Windows\System32.

Common (known) problems
Common error messages related to this file occur right after you restart your PC – Windows usually pops up error messages indicating that file is missing from your computer and shortly after that Windows itself might crash. Sometimes Windows can’t even start at all...

Also, some other applications that are trying to use this file might not launch correctly or might not run at all when trying to launch them.

Causes to this error
Mpr.dll missing error is typical to situations where this file has either got corrupted and/or has been replaced by an incompatible version, or it is missing from your computer. Other common reasons include errors in the file path registration of this dll file.

How to fix this error?

(1) Let Windows try and fix it for you
Use your Windows System File Checker (SFC) to try and repair any problems with this file. (See guidance how to use it in the provided link). If there’s a problem with this dll – whether it is corrupt, missing, or incompatible, Windows will automatically fix it by replacing it with a new correct file.

If SFC didn’t solve the problem…

(2) Scan for Mpr.dll missing related errors and repair them
Use the following errors scanning tool – if there are any errors related to this dll module, the following tool will detect it. It’ll run an in-depth scan to your Windows, by the end it’ll provide you with a detailed errors report, simply see if it had found anything related to this dll – if it did, it provides you with an option to fix these errors.

Detecting problematic dll related file paths

Detecting problematic dll related file paths


Windows crashes on Startup?
You need to restart Windows in Safe Mode (See guidance inside this link) so you’ll be able to apply the above repair process.


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