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Msacm32.dll Missing Error -- Repair the Source of the Problem!

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Msacm32.dll missing error
Msacm32.dll missing error might occur due to several common reasons that I’ll discuss in the following post. I’ll provide you with several tools that’ll enable you to locate the source of the problem, and eventually enable you to repair it.

About Msacm32.dll
This module is part of Windows, it is known as: Microsoft ACM (Audio Compression Manager) Audio Filter created by Microsoft. It contains functions that enable audio compression for 32bit programs. (B.T.W it is associated with another dll file called: quartz.dll).

You can find this dll module under the following paths:

Common problems
When something goes wrong with that file (explained in more details later), you might experience application crashes (usually games and other multimedia applications that use audio compression functions). You usually also get error messages such as file is missing or not found or bad image.

Causes to Msacm32.dll missing error
The most common sources to this error are:
(1) File corruption – in many cases due to malware infection.
(2) File path corruption – missing/corrupt/incorrect registered file paths

How to repair it

(1) Conduct a quick scan for viruses
Use a reliable anti-virus software – I’d recommend using Microsoft’s free antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials.

If no malware was found…

(2) Scan for Msacm32.dll missing related errors
The following Windows errors scanner (free scan) specializes on detecting file path corruption or other file/application path errors. Use it to conduct an in-depth scan to your Windows and see if it finds any errors related to this dll file. (It later enables you to fix these problems).

Scanning for incorrect dll registered file paths

Scanning for incorrect dll registered file paths

If no errors were detected…

(3) Detect and repair damaged system file
Fortunately, Windows contains a free tool called SFC (System File Checker) that scans all your system files and replaces any damaged/corrupt file with a new one. Since Msacm32.dll is part of Windows OS – let Windows see if something went wrong with the file itself – if so, it’ll replace it.


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