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Msasn1.dll Errors -- Here is How to Fix them!

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Msasn1.dll errors
Today I’d like to discuss Msasn1.dll errors - when they occur, how they occur, and of course finding the way to repair them. There’s an easy way to detect the source to these errors and later repair them, however I’d like to start from bottom to top.

About the file
First of all, this dll file is usually located under C:\Windows\System32. It ‘weights’ around 27KB-32KB and it is a part of ASN.1 Runtime APIs.

PC users report various errors as described below whenever they start up or shut down their PC. Others report problems whenever they try to open programs such as Internet Explorer or Windows Media Player.

The most common Msasn1.dll errors are those informing you that the file is either missing or not found and due to that one or several of your programs could not start.

The main cause to this error
A malware or spyware that resides on your PC.
It has either infected that dll file and/or corrupted one of the Windows registry entries related to that file. In that case an anti-virus software wouldn’t be enough, for that you’ll need to use a reliable Windows errors repair tool as explained later.

Other possible causes
You might have improperly installed or uninstalled a program that this way or another is related to this dll file, and due to that, again, one of your registry entries that contains a path to that dll is either missing or got corrupted.

Pinpointing problematic registered dll file paths

Pinpointing problematic registered dll file paths

This means that any program which is trying to ‘call’ that dll file simply can’t find the path to that file – a trigger that causes Windows to pop up errors messages.

Repairing these error messages
First of all, I recommend you to conduct this free comprehensive Windows scan in order to detect all the errors and problematic factors in your PC. By doing so, you’ll be able to detect the exact source(s) that cause these errors to erupt.

Now, in order to repair Msasn1.dll errors - after conducting a comprehensive scan to your PC, the following Windows errors repair tool automatically detects and removes any malware/spyware, repairs the damages they’ve left on your PC (what an anti-virus can’t do!), and detects and replaces problematic drivers that might also cause dll errors.


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Feel free to share your experience with these errors (below).


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