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Msctf.dll Missing Error -- Quick Guide to Fix it!

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Msctf.dll missing error
Msctf.dll missing error? Take a deep insight into this error, as after going through this article you can surely fix it in a few moments. This isn’t going to be too technical; however, it is important to understand why this error occurs in the first place before you’ll be able to repair it.

More about this dll module
This module belongs to Sistema Operativo by Microsoft Corporation.
The file is very necessary and it extends the functionalities drawn by the Microsoft Text services. The file does the basic functions such as implementing the advanced text input and text processing.

The presence of the respective dll file allows the bi-directional communication between applications and text services. The module provides multilingual support and can deliver various text services such as keyboard processors, handwriting recognition and speech recognition. The file size is about 0.15 MB.

The common Msctf.dll missing error messages that are seen are: dll not found, this application failed to start because dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem, the file dll is missing etc.

Causes to this error
The dll error that we are discussing about can have different causes - system 32 errors, invalid or incorrect version of the msctf.dll file, driver update failure, computer virus attacks, and damaged Windows registry system.

However, most of the dll errors have the common cause of a corrupted Windows registry. Along with the error symptoms, the various other effects of these errors are slow PC performance, blue screen of death errors, browser crash, problems during system start up and shut down etc.

The Windows registry is a huge database of the necessary files that are associated with the various installed programs and it ensures their proper functionality. Every day, when you perform certain functions in your system such as downloading certain files from the internet, installing and uninstalling certain programs in the system etc., all these operations get recorded in the registry.

Problems usually arise when the registry gets jammed due to various unwanted files that get ‘registered’ in the registry. Due to malware or spyware attacks also, the registry gets clogged up and loses its state of balance.

Pinpointing problematic registered dll file paths

Pinpointing problematic registered dll file paths

Dll errors also arise due to faulty installations and uninstallations procedures of programs. Dll files are shared files and they are used up by the different programs at the same time. So, if accidentally or purposely, one program is being incorrectly removed from the system; the corresponding dll file path in the registry also gets deleted (missing) and this may lead to problems in the working of the other programs as well, which were sharing the same dll files.

Here is what you need to do!
What is the solution for the Msctf.dll missing error? One of the most effective options is using a reliable Windows errors repair tool. These repair tools perform several important tasks such as fixing damaged registry file systems, detecting and removing malware and spyware and their damages, and finally detecting and replacing problematic drivers.


Pay Attention!
If you’ve never installed a Windows errors repair tool next to your anti-virus software, then I highly recommend you to do so as soon as possible. Remember: anti-virus software is good for detecting and removing malware and spyware, however, unfortunately it can’t repair damages caused to your registry or detect and replace problematic drivers.


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