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Mshtmled.dll Error -- Tips to Repair it!

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Mshtmled.dll error
Recently I’ve conducted a research on the Mshtmled.dll error, so in the following post you’ll find two options that’ll enable you to repair this error. I hope you’ll find it useful.

About Mshtmled.dll
This file or module is mostly used by Web editing programs such as MS FrontPage. It contains codes that enable editing of Web pages in a similar way to text editing as in word processors. The file can be found at: C:\Windows\System32. It also seems like Internet Explorer is using this dll module as well.

Common problems
The most common problems related to this file occur when browsing with Internet Explorer and suddenly it crashes while popping up an error message that specifies the name of this dll file. In some other cases error messages with Mshtmled.dll might popup when visiting certain Websites.

Causes to this error
Either one of your installed Internet Explorer add-ons is causing this error or there is another error related to this file (usually incorrect registered file/application paths related to this file).

How to repair this error

(1) Disable Internet Explorer Add-Ons
Try disabling all Add-Ons one-by-one in order to see whether one of them triggers this error. Should you detect the problematic add-on, simply remove it from your PC and then reinstall it.

In Internet Explorer:
(1) Click on Tools menu
(2) Select Manage Add-ons
(3) Right click on the first Add-on and select Disable
(4) Repeat this for each Add-on

Didn’t fix the problem?

(2) Scan for Mshtmled.dll related errors
Use the following errors detection tool – if there are any errors related to this dll it’ll detect these errors and provide you with a report about the source of the error. Once you know the source of the error you can either handle it yourself or enable this tool to fix it for you.

Scanning for incorrect dll registered file paths

Scanning for incorrect dll registered file paths


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