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Msidcrl40.dll Error -- Do the Following in order to Fix it!

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Msidcrl40.dll errors
If you’ve been encountering any Msidcrl40.dll error lately then you’re going to find the following information quite useful as I’ll provide you with two important tips that’ll most probably resolve these errors.

About Msidcrl40.dll
This dll module was created by Microsoft Corporation.
It is part of Microsoft Windows Live Messenger and you can find this file under one of the following file paths:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Shared\Windows Live\
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Windows Live

Common problems with this dll
You might encounter problems with this file while using Windows Live Messenger or while launching other applications that are trying to use this dll file. You’d usually receive an error message from Windows telling you: ...dll not found or missing.

Causes to this error
There can be various reasons that might cause Windows to pop up errors related to this file, in most cases the file has either been corrupted by a malware infection or registered file/application paths related to this file got corrupted or became incorrect due to recent changes in your Windows system - incorrect program update as one example.

How to repair this error

(1) Scan for malware
Use Microsoft Security Essentials free anti-virus. I trust this AV more than any other AV program.

If it hasn’t detected anything…

(2) Scan for Msidcrl40.dll related errors and fix them
Use the following Windows errors scanner:
(1) Conduct in in-depth scan to your Windows
(2) Wait until it detects all existing errors
(3) Review the final errors report – see if it found anything about Msidcrl40.dll
(4) If it found errors related to this dll let it fix them
(5) Restart your PC

Scanning for incorrect dll registered file paths

Scanning for incorrect dll registered file paths


Feel free to post your comments or provide more details about the exact error that you encounter at the moment.


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