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Msoe.dll Could not be Initialized Error - Solved!

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Dll errors | Msoe.dll could not be initialized error
Getting the msoe.dll could not be initialized error while working with Windows mail is an infuriating experience, but the good news is that this error is curable. You just need to have some knowledge about the various symptoms and causes of this error so that you fix the problem as described in the following post.

The symptoms
The respective dll file is related to Windows Mail, and when starting Outlook Express error messages start popping up. This dll file is a 32-bit file and is one of the main components of Outlook Express. The normal file size is 1,174,288 bytes and the usual file location is:

C:\program files\Outlook Express\

This dll file is necessary for the proper functioning of Outlook Express, but due to some problems that I’ll explain in a moment, several error messages crop up on screen such as:

…dll not found
…dll is missing
This application failed to start because …dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem

The causes
The main cause of the msoe.dll could not be initialized error is a problem in the Windows registry system due to either a malware infection or an improper installation or removal of one of your programs. For example, if the installation process of a certain program fails in the middle, this may leave a damaged registry entry related to that program.

Viruses and malware are another factor. In many cases they directly attack the Windows registry and therefore various error messages emerge in the computer screen.

The solution
You need to install a Windows errors repair tool in order to scan and repair the Windows registry file system. It is important to understand that due to frequent installations, software updates, and removal procedures, the registry gets clogged up and various empty spaces known as registry holes are also created. All this contributes to the error.

Searching for damaged registered dll file paths

Searching for damaged registered dll file paths

A reliable repair tool can essentially fix this msoe.dll could not be initialized error by defragmenting the registry - removing registry holes and re-indexing the registry files so as to improving the overall performance of the system.


DO NOT try to download this dll file from any site that offers you a free download in order to replace it or in order to place it where you think it belongs to - you might download an outdated or incorrect file, or even an infected file. This can get you into greater trouble!


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