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Msoeres.dll Error with Outlook Express -- Repair Guide!

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Dll errors | Msoeres.dll error
The Msoeres.dll error has been encountered with quite a few Outlook Express users. In the following post I’ll suggest several options that’ll enable you to overcome this error so you could keep working as usual with Outlook Express.

About Msoeres.dll
This dll module is part of MS Outlook Express.
It enables OE to fulfill its destination – an email and news client application. This dll manages and retrieves email messages from your mailbox as well as delivering outgoing emails. It also enables you to use OE news client for reading news articles via a protocol called: Network News Transfer Protocol. The file is located in the following path: C:\Program Files\Outlook Express.

Common known problems
(1) Getting the following error message while launching OE: Outlook Express could not be started because MSOERES.DLL could not be found. Outlook Express may not be installed properly.
(2) OE won’t open at all!
(3) Getting the following error message: DLL could not be loaded
(4) Getting the following error while trying to use OE mail or News: … dll not installed/corrupted or OE cannot be started because ...dll cannot be found/OE may not be installed correctly.

Causes to this error
From the above error messages you probably already understand that you encounter the Msoeres.dll error because something went wrong with that dll file (corrupt/missing) – this is option #1, while option #2 is that something went wrong with one/several file paths related to this dll file – in that cases Windows cannot find/call that file, so you get this error message.

How to repair it

(1) Scan for Msoeres.dll related error
Before we’ll go the process of reinstalling Outlook Express, it is recommended to conduct an in-depth scan to your Windows in order to detect whether there are any open errors related to this file. If the problem is here, it can be repaired quite easily through the following process:

(1) Download the following Windows errors scanner
(2) Run an in-depth scan to your Windows
(3) Wait for the final errors report
(4) See if it had found any errors related to this dll
(5) If it did – you can repair it yourself or it can repair it for you
(6) Restart Windows.

Detecting problematic dll related file paths

Detecting problematic dll related file paths

If no errors related to this dll were detected.

(2) Reinstall Outlook Express
In that case there’s probably a problem with Msoeres.dll – it is probably corrupted (other files might also be corrupted as well). The best way to handle this is to simply reinstall Outlook Express as this will replace any damaged files with intact ones. This is also the safest way to do that - don’t be tempted to try and download that file from unknown random download sites as you might end up download an incorrect or virus infected file.


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marshalhubs Sep 18, 2012

Thanks for sharing an informative post to make me aware that how to fix Outlook Express Msoeres.dll Error. I would like to add more i.e. Outlook Express DBX file gets corrupted due to this error. You can also try Outlook Express Recovery Software to repair the corrupt DBX file and recover all email data from Outlook express.


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