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Msvbvm60.dll Missing Error -- Use this Repair Tool!

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Msvbvm60.dll missing error
While working with your PC you might come across msvbvm60.dll missing error. It is one of the important Visual Basic files. This problem may restrict you to use some programs, especially ones related to Visual Basic. In a few moments I’ll show you how to fix this error.

More about this dll module
This dll file is a part of the Microsoft Visual Basic Virtual Machine. It is usually located under C:\Windows\System32.

Common error messages with this file:

File xxx.dll not found

Unable to install the application. An important component – xxx.dll is missing

File xxx.dll is missing

Causes to these errors
We can surely assume that the reason for the msvbvm60.dll missing error is a missing or incorrect file path in the registry system.

Mostly, all the dll file paths are stored in the Windows Registry. It has a record of all the applications and programs that are running effectively on the computer.

Sometimes the registry suffers and gets corrupted resulting in missing/incorrect dll file paths in its storage. The cause is usually due to improper installation or uninstallation of some programs. There could be a possibility of another reason - malware and spyware that corrupted your registry system.

Scanning for incorrect dll registered file paths

Scanning for incorrect dll registered file paths

In order to fix this error you need to use a reliable Windows errors repair tool. I know that there are various repair tools out there, but since I personally been testing and using the above repair tool for quite a long time, I’ve found it quite effective for repairing various dll errors.

Now, you can get rid of the msvbvm60.dll missing error by scanning your registry once you download the repair tool. The repair tool will do its job of automatically looking and repairing obsolete and invalid entries and some faulty path settings. Should the cause be a malware or spyware, it’ll also detect and remove it during the scan.


Have you checked your drivers?
It is well known that faulty or obsolete drivers cause various errors, and especially dll errors. I highly recommend you to scan all your installed drivers in order to make sure that none of them is causing you any trouble.


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