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Msvcp80.dll Missing -- Repairing Errors Related to this File!

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Dll errors | Msvcp80.dll missing error
Once an Msvcp80.dll missing error pops up on your screen there’s one simple thing you should do in order to eliminate it. In a minute I’ll get into more details about this problem and provide you with a quick way to fix it.

More details about this file
Just for the record - this dll (Dynamic Link Library) module is part of Microsoft® C++ Runtime Library. The file ‘weights’ about 140K and the usual file location is at: \Windows\System32 or \Windows\System.

Errors associated with this file usually popup while using applications such as Adobe Reader or MSN Messenger, or other applications that are using this file, telling you that...
This application has failed to start because ...dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem

Causes to this Msvcp80.dll missing error
There are several factors that might trigger your Windows system to crop-up dll error messages such as this specific error:

(1) An infection of malware
(2) Problem with the registry
(3) Missing/corrupt driver(s)

In most cases the dll file isn’t really missing from your PC, it is just that applications that are trying to use this file can’t find it or can’t successfully access it due to a malware that corrupted it, or due to corruption of certain parts in your Windows registry, parts with entries that may contain paths to this specific dll file.

When a path to a dll file get corrupted or even deleted, applications that are trying to use this dll file simply can’t find it, if they can’t find it via Windows registry, then Windows pops up these error messages.

Scanning for incorrect dll registered file paths

Scanning for incorrect dll registered file paths

Another possible reason is problematic drivers.
Corrupt, old, or incorrect dll files that belong to device or system drivers might cause Windows to popup these dll errors as well.

What to do?
There’s a simple way to ‘reveal’ what causes this Msvcp80.dll missing error. The following Windows errors repair tool automatically scans, detects, and most importantly – repairs dll errors caused due to the three factors I’ve indicated earlier: Malware, Registry, and drivers.


Anti-virus software detects and removes malware and spyware, however, unfortunately it can’t repair damages caused to your registry system.


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