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Msvcr70.dll Error -- Tips to Repair it!

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Dll errors | Msvcr70.dll error
Msvcr70.dll error can be a real pain in the…however, there are usually one or two sources that cause this error to erupt. In the following post you’ll find the details and tools that’ll enable you to handle this error.

About Msvcr70.dll
Being part of Microsoft Visual C++ 7.0 Runtime Library, this file contains standard C library codes that are used to run Microsoft Visual C++ based programs – without this file such programs won’t run properly or won’t be able to run at all. This file is located under: C:\Windows\System32.

Common problems
When trying to launch Microsoft Visual C++ based programs you might encounter the following error message: The application has failed to start because MSVCR70.dll was not found.

Causes to this error
Usually, problems with this file occur in two situations: the file has either got corrupted or it has been deleted (“missing”) from your computer, usually due to a recent malware infection.

Another reason is due to incorrect/missing/corrupt registered file path(s) in Windows, related to this dll file.

Repairing this error

(1) Conduct an in-depth malware scan
I have no idea which anti-virus you’re using, but I highly recommend you to use Microsoft’s free and most importantly – reliable anti-virus called: Microsoft Security Essentials.

If no malware were detected…

(2) Scan for Msvcr70.dll related errors, then repair them
Use the following Windows errors scanner – it’ll conduct an in-depth scan to your various Windows OS components and try to detect any errors related to this dll file. By the end of the scan take a look at the final errors report and see if it found anything. If it did, it’ll tell you the source of the error so you can try and fix it yourself; otherwise you can ask it to repair it for you.

Detecting problematic dll related file paths

Detecting problematic dll related file paths


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