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Mswsock.dll Missing Error - Repair Guide

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Mswsock.dll missing error
If Windows starts popping up Mswsock.dll missing error messages or other error messages related to this file then there are usually two reasons that might cause this. Use the following recommendations in order to resolve these problems.

About Mswsock.dll
This is Microsoft Windows Sockets 2.0 Service Provider module.
It is located under the following path: C:\Windows\system32 and basically it provides extensions and services for Winsock which aren’t provided by Winsock. The main purpose of this module is being responsible for providing the Internet Protocols for Windows. Being part of Windows OS, you probably realize how important that file is.

Known problems
Windows error messages that indicate this dll file name, usually popup due to the following reasons:

(1) The file has gotten corrupted (usually due to a malware infection)
(2) Corrupt/missing registered file or application paths

How to resolve these problems

(1) Scan your PC for malware infections
I have no idea which anti-virus you’re using, but you’ll need to use a reliable anti-virus software – I’d recommend using Microsoft’s free anti-virus called: Microsoft Security Essentials.

If no malware has been detected…

(2) Use your Windows built-in SFC (System File Checker)
Since Mswsock.dll is a Windows system file, Windows System File Checker enables you to scan all your system files and see if any of them is either incorrect or corrupted, and if so, it’ll automatically replace them with new fresh ones. (Click here and see how to use it).

In most cases steps #1 and/or #2 solve the problem; if not… then it is probably a corrupt/missing registered file/application paths that are causing these errors.

Scanning for incorrect dll registered file paths

Scanning for incorrect dll registered file paths

(3) Scan your Windows for Mswsock.dll missing related errors
Simply download the following Windows errors scanner – if there are any errors with registered file/application paths it’ll easily detect them and even enable you to repair them (optional).


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