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Msxml3.dll Error - How to Get Rid of it!

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Dll errors | Msxml3.dll error
To repair an msxml3.dll error is not as frenzied as you may think. I admit that dll errors are very exasperating because they interrupt with the normal working. I’ll hereby share the steps that are required to fix the problem but prior to that, you have to thoroughly understand the symptoms and causes of the problem.

Symptoms of the error
Many users experience this msxml3.dll error at the time of Windows installation or at the startup or shut down. This dll file is being shared by several software and hardware components.

The file belongs to the Microsoft Msxml 3.0 SP 7 program and plays a very vital role in maintaining the stability and integrity of the system. In general, the paths of dll files are located in the Windows registry, which is a huge database of various extension files that are related to the various software and the application programs.

The prevalent error messages that usually popup are:
...dll not found
…dll is missing
can’t install XML Parser File…
...dll error 80072efd

Possible causes
There can be various causes for the error, but most of the causes are associated with a flawed Windows registry. (The Windows registry stores the paths of the dll files).

Sometimes, the respective dll files also go ‘missing’ from the registry due to the attacks of certain malwares and spywares. The related keys and entries usually get deleted or corrupted, which causes the problem. (Something that the usual anti-virus can’t handle!).

The solution part
Dll problems are in most cases linked to the Windows registry at the grass root level, as the registry keeps track of all the relevant paths of the dll files, and the correct paths ensure the proper functioning of the various application programs.

Detecting problematic dll related file paths

Detecting problematic dll related file paths

The recommended way to handle this msxml3.dll error is to download and install a reliable Windows errors repair tool . These tools first of all scan the whole registry and repair any type of corrupted registry entries and at the same time remove any type of harmful malware.


I’d also recommend you to take advantage of this Windows errors repair tool in order to verify that all your system drivers are intact and up-to-date. (Problematic drivers might also cause various dll errors and even crash Windows).


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