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Msxml4.dll Failed to Register Error - Here is How to Fix it!

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Msxml4.dll failed to register error
Whenever you get an msxml4.dll failed to register error, you need to check for one or two critical points. There can be several reasons for this error but in most cases, there’s a common root cause; which is one of your Windows components. In a moment I’ll explain how it can be fixed.

Common symptoms of the error
Different versions of MSXML are included with several Microsoft products such as Internet Explorer, Microsoft office, Microsoft SQL server, as well as some third party products.

MSXML 4.0 does not include a 64-bit parser and is only supported in WoW mode on 64-bit operating systems. The size of this dll file is about 1.18 MB and it is usually located in c:\Windows\System 32 folder.

Error message associated with this file include:

…dll file missing
…dll file not found
...dll failed to register

Possible causes to msxml4.dll failed to register error
Dll files (Dynamic Link Library) are shared by different programs and applications at the same time. They ensure that all the programs are running successfully. But due to various reasons, such as continuous installation and uninstallation of the certain programs or virus and Trojan attacks, the Windows registry files get corrupted or altered and as a result, it becomes defective.

We can say in high probability that the main cause of this problem is a problematic Windows registry.

The solution
You can fix the msxml4.dll failed to register error by repairing the damaged parts of your Windows registry that cause this error message to erupt.

Searching for damaged registered dll file paths

Searching for damaged registered dll file paths

In order to do that you need to download the following Windows errors repair tool. This tool specializes in detecting and repairing any damages caused to your registry system. It also scans for any malware, detects and removes that malware, and most importantly repairs the damages that the malware had left in your registry system.


Repairing the registry manually
Unless you’re a Windows expert who knows how to handle the registry system, it is highly recommended NOT to try and mess with this vulnerable Windows component. An incorrect registry setup might cost you in additional problems and in some cases might even crash your entire Windows system.


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