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Netshell.dll Error -- Fix it via the Following Tips!

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Netshell.dll error
What causes a Netshell.dll error to suddenly pop up? How do you repair this error? In the following post I’ll provide the answers to these questions. I hope you’ll find the following post useful in resolving this error.

About Netshell.dll
Network Shell – part of Microsoft’s Windows NT based OS.
This dll module configures both remote and local network settings. This is actually a command line based tool, it enables admins to remotely manage and configure critical network services from a single point. You can usually find the file in C:\Windows\System32.

Common problems with this dll file
Problems with this file usually occur on computer boot ups, during the boot up process or immediately after it, Windows usually pops up an error message saying: dll could not be read or dll is missing or not found.

Causes to this error
Here are the common causes to the Netshell.dll error:
(1) The file has been corrupted
(2) It is missing from your computer
(3) The file’s version is incompatible
(4) Registered file paths related to this file are either missing/corrupted

Detect and repair the source of the problem

(1) Run Windows SFC – System File Checker
Here is a quick SFC guide that explains how to use this free Windows repair tool. Basically it scans all your system files, it checks whether any of them is corrupt/incompatible/missing, if so it’ll replace it with a new correct file.

In the most cases this should fix the problem.
In case it hasn’t fixed the problem…

(2) Scan for Netshell.dll related errors and repair them
There are probably incorrect/corrupt/missing registered file path entries related to this dll module in your Windows registry file. In that case, whenever Windows tries to access this dll file and it can’t find it – expect these missing or could not be read errors to popup.

The fastest way to detect and repair such errors is as the following:
(1) Install this Windows errors scanner
(2) Conduct an in-depth scan to your system
(3) Wait for the complete errors report
(4) See if any errors related to this dll were detected
(5) Let it repair these errors
(6) Restart Windows

Searching for damaged registered dll file paths

Searching for damaged registered dll file paths


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