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Newdev.dll Error -- Repair Guide!

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Newdev.dll error
The reasons why a Newdev.dll error pops up on your screen vary from one computer to another, however, there are two common known reasons that cause Windows to pop up error messages related to this file. The following quick repair guide will help you to resolve this problem.

About Newdev.dll
‘Add Hardware Device’ library from Microsoft Corporation.
This file is part of your Windows OS; it is located in the C:\Windows\System32 folder. This dll is responsible for executing functions related to adding new hardware drivers to your system.

Common known problems
You might encounter problems related to this file usually while trying to update or install new device drivers. A common error message indicates the following: Error Loading newdev.dll and it tells you that you need administrative privileges in order to install that driver.

The causes to this error
You probably have an incorrect or corrupt version of Newdev.dll, or one of your drivers related to this dll is either incompatible or obsolete.

How to repair

(1) Are you using Internet Explorer 8.0…?
If the answer is YES, then either download the latest installer of IE 8.0 (If you like that specific version) or the latest IE installer available and keep it on your desktop.

(1) Remove IE 8.0
(2) Restart your PC
(3) Reinstall IE 8.0 or the latest version of IE

Has it fixed the problem?
If not then you have a problem with one of your drivers!

(2) Detect and replace incompatible or obsolete drivers
Use the following drivers scanner in order to detect and replace problematic drivers. It’ll scan your entire PC, diagnose all your drivers and tell you which drivers are either incompatible/obsolete, then simply replace those drivers with their latest, official versions.


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