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Nv4_disp.dll Blue Screen Error -- Troubleshooting Guide!

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Dll errors | Nv4_disp.dll Blue Screen
In this post I’d like to help those PC users who experience Nv4_disp.dll blue screen error or any other error related to this dll file. In most cases this is a software problem rather than hardware problem, anyway, read the details below and see how to fix it.

About this error
This error is related to your NVIDIA video display card. When something goes wrong with either the card itself (more details in a moment), or with one of its software components, Windows either crashes with a blue screen of death screen right after your start up your computer, or while using an application that ‘heavily consumes’ resources from your graphic card.

Solving this error
As explained earlier there are two options, and I’ll begin with the more rare option –

(1) Hardware issue – something with your display card is preventing it from working properly. (In most cases this doesn’t necessarily means that it passed away…)

If you have a desktop machine –
1. Open it
2. Carefully take the card out
3. Clean all dust
4. Carefully reseat it

If you have a laptop –
Since opening a laptop requires some technical skills and there’s the warranty issue, I’d suggest you to begin with the next option #2.

If you’ve tried option #1 and hardware isn’t the issue, then most probably this is a software issue, which means that…

(2) Software issue – something went wrong with the drivers of your display card. This is the most common cause to Nv4_disp.dll blue screen crashes and errors.

Your video display card driver is either:
1. Corrupted
2. Obsolete (outdated)
3. Incorrect/Incompatible (remnants of old drivers?)

The only safe and precise way that I know of, in order to detect whether something went wrong with your display card driver, is to run a quick drivers scan via the following repair tool.

It should take it no more than two minutes to detect the problematic driver(s) that causes this Nv4_disp.dll blue screen crashes and errors, while at the same time it’ll find the correct and up-to-date driver(s) for your installed display card and replace it. This should fix the problem.


Should Windows crash right after restart then install this repair tool in ‘Safe Mode’. Restart your PC again while pushing the F8 key and wait, then select the ‘Safe Mode’ as your preferred option and wait until Windows finishes uploading.


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