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Nvcuda.dll Missing Error -- Here is the Cause and the Solution!

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Dll errors | Nvcuda.dll missing error
Nvcuda.dll missing error and other errors associated this way or another with this file, usually have one reason that I’ll talk about in the following post. It is quite easy to repair errors associated with this file as I’ll demonstrate in just a moment.

What is this file anyway…
This dll module is an NVDIA CUDA driver.
With a file size of over 600K we can usually find it under the \Windows\system32 folder. The most common errors associated with this file include the following messages:

...dll not found
The Program cannot start because ..dll is missing from your computer

The causes to Nvcuda.dll missing error
Whenever you get this error or other errors associated with this file then something went wrong with your NAVIDIA CUDA driver. It either got damaged or deleted from your PC. This can happen unintentionally or due to a malware.

Do I need to download it from somewhere?
I wouldn’t recommend you to do so, actually I recommend you NOT to do so!
Downloading wrong or incorrect version of this file might get you into more trouble.

What to do?
Since it is most probably either a driver and/or a malware problem I highly recommend you to verify that no malware exists on your PC. Then, I recommend you to verify that nothing went wrong with your NVIDIA driver. If so, then you need to remove your current driver and replace it with a CORRECT and UP-TO-DATE version.

Use the following Windows errors repair tool – it’ll automatically scan and detect if there’s a malware that your anti-virus software might have missed, it’ll then remove it and repair any damages that it might have caused.

It’ll then repair this Nvcuda.dll missing error by verifying whether something went wrong with your NVIDIA driver, and if necessary, it’ll automatically replace that problematic driver with a correct and up-to-date one.


If there was indeed a malware that attacked your PC it might have also damaged your registry system. This can be another reason for having errors associated with this dll file. Anyway, this Windows errors repair tool takes care of this issue as well.


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