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Nvoglnt.dll Error? Here is an Easy Way to Fix it!

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Dll errors | Nvoglnt.dll error
The Nvoglnt.dll error usually occurs due to a specific source related to one of your hardware components. In this post I’ll expand about the point of failure that causes this error to pop up on your machine. Later I’ll show you a little trick that I use in order to fix these types of errors.

About Nvoglnt.dll
The creators of this dll module are Nvidia Corporation.
This dll is actually the OpenGL driver for some Nvidia graphic cards.

Common known problems
Those who complain the most about errors related to this file are PC gamers. This file is reported to cause various crashes with several games, while others won’t even be able to launch their favorite game. However, it is important to specify that this dll is used by other programs, usually other multimedia based programs.

Causes to this error
There’s in most cases a single source to all that trouble – driver problem!
Many Nvoglnt.dll error messages usually popup whenever your Nvidia graphic card’s driver or other drivers related to your graphic card are either incompatible/obsolete/corrupt.

How to repair this error?
Since the problem is with your Nvidia graphic card’s driver or with one of its related drivers, you need to detect and replace that driver with a fresh, official, and compatible driver.

Now, how do you know which driver(s) makes you all that trouble..?
How can you tell which is the EXACT compatible driver version required for your hardware…?

Here is a little trick I’m using whenever I bump into driver problems:

(1) Download the following drivers scanner
(2) Let it scan and detect all your drivers
(3) By the end of the scan open the Drivers report
(4) See which drivers are flagged as incompatible/outdated
(5) Find those drivers on the Web and replace them
(Tip: You can enable this tool to do that for you)
(6) Restart Windows

This should fix the Nvoglnt.dll error.


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