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Ole32.dll Missing Error -- How to Repair it!

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Ole32.dll missing error
Ole32.dll missing error messages usually cause various applications errors and sometimes even the blue screen of death (bsod) crashes. In the following post we’ll isolate the source of the problem and then repair it using two methods that I’ll talk about in a short while.

About Ole32.dll
So first of all, this dll is part of Windows OS. OLE - Object Linking and Embedding.
Using an OLE operation you can take one or several objects created by a specific application, and then embed them in another application. When that objects gets updated on the source application, it’ll simultaneously get updated in the destination application. File location: C:\Windows\System32.

Common known problems
(1) Application crashes (blue screens) and other application malfunctions.
(2) Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer generate errors that include this dll file.
(3) Getting the following error message when launching specific applications: the program cannot start because ...dll is missing or corrupt.

What causes this error?
There are usually two causes: a problem with Ole32.dll itself – it might have gotten corrupted or deleted from your Windows OS. Another common reason is an error with one of your Windows registered file paths related to this dll file.

Quick repair guide

(1) Use your Windows sfc /scannow command line
It enables you to automatically repair corrupt or incompatible system files. Since this dll is a system file if something went wrong with it, using this command line should repair and replace it by another new, intact version of that file.

If Windows System File Checker (SFC) didn’t fix them problem…

(2) Detect and repair Ole32.dll missing related errors
Use the following Windows errors repair tool – it enables you to quickly detect any existing errors (usually registered file path problems) related to this file (it enables you to repair them as well). An in-depth scan should reveal any existing errors – wait for the final errors report and see if it had found anything.

Scanning for incorrect dll registered file paths

Scanning for incorrect dll registered file paths


Cannot access Windows?
In case of blue screen crashes that prevent you from accessing Windows, try to access Windows via Safe Mode (see instructions) and continue what I’ve just suggested above from there.


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