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Oleaut32.dll Error and the Way to Repair it!

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Oleaut32.dll error
There are several reasons for an Oleaut32.dll error to pop up on your computer screen. In the following post I’l review the reasons that cause this error to erupt and provide you with several tools that’ll enable you to repair it.

About Oleaut32.dll
Object Linking and Embedding Automation module – this dll is part of Microsoft OLE Automation for 32bit based platforms. The file is located under the following path: C:\Windows\System32.

Common known problems
Right after Windows boots up it pops up one of the following error messages:

The ...dll file cannot start

Oleaut32.dll could not be opened

This application has failed to start because ...dll was not found. Re-Installing the application may fix this problem.

Causes to this error
The most common cause is the presence of an incompatible or corrupt version of this dll file. Other than that this error is usually encountered when a registered file path related to this dll is missing or corrupt.

How to repair this dll error

(1) Conduct an SFC (System File Checker) scan and repair
This free repair tool is already embedded in your Windows system. It automatically scans all your system files (including all system dll files of course) and checks whether any of them is corrupted or incompatible – in that case it’ll automatically replace such system file with a new compatible one. Follow these simple instructions that explain how to use it.

In most cases SFC scan and repair fixes this error, otherwise go to step #2.

(2) Scan for Oleaut32.dll related errors and fix them
(1) Download the following Windows errors repair tool
(2) It’ll scan your system for all open errors
(3) Wait for the final errors report
(4) See if it had detected any errors related to this dll
(5) If so, it’ll tell you the source of the error

Repairing dll errors caused by corrupted registered file paths

Repairing dll errors caused by corrupted registered file paths


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