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Plc4.dll Error -- Detect and Repair the Source to this Error!

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Dll errors | Plc4.dll error
I believe I found the source to Plc4.dll error especially when using Chrome and Firefox. There’s probably a problem with one of your installed applications or with another component within Windows OS. Anyway, in the following post you’ll find the required details to repair this error.

About Plc4.dll
Believe it or not but this dll module is from Netscape Corporation…(remember?)
Anyway, it is part of Netscape Portable Runtime that supports a platform-neutral API for system- level functions. It is utilized by AOL, IE, Mozilla client, and Netscape of course.

Common reported problems
Errors are reported with this dll module usually while browsing the Net while using Chrome and Firefox. You’d usually get the following error message: The program can’t start because nspr4.dll is missing or something similar.

What causes this error?
There are several points of failure that cause this error to erupt:
(1) Problem with Roboform installation
(2) Incorrect/missing registered file paths related to this dll

How to repair it

(1) Edit the following Roboform settings (Applicable for Roboform users)
I’ll try to save you a reinstall of Roboform, so if you do have this program installed on your PC, then try the following and see if that helps:

(1) Close all your Internet Browsers
(2) Click on the Roboform system tray icon
(3) Select Options…
(4) Click on Browser Integration
(5) Uncheck the Mozilla Firefox and click OK

Problem is solved?
If not…

(2) Update to the latest Roboform version available
As far as I found out reinstalling to the latest version of Roboform should fix the problem.

If this didn’t fix the problem then continue to the next step:

(3) Scan for Plc4.dll related errors
Use the following errors detection tool and see if it detects any errors related to this dll. If so, by the end of the scan it enables you to repair all these open errors. Usually it’ll detect registered file path errors related to this file.

Repairing dll errors caused by corrupted registered file paths

Repairing dll errors caused by corrupted registered file paths


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