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Px.dll Missing Error -- Repair Guide!

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Dll errors | Px.dll missing error
Ok, so there are several ways to repair Px.dll missing error that I’m going to talk about. I highly recommend you to follow each proposed solution as at least one of them should enable you to fix the problem.

About Px.dll
This module was created by Sonic Solution and it enables the proper burning of compact discs. It is part of Sonic PX which enables playing audio compact discs in DAE mode as well as ripping and burning compact discs. Many programs that play music files use this dll. You can usually find this file under: C:\Windows\System32\.

Common problems
Programs that handle or play music files and use this dll file might not run.
Common errors include the following:

This application has failed to start because PX.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.

The ordinal 1191 could not be located in the dynamic link library PX.dll

Causes to this error
(1)The dll is either Incompatible/corrupt/missing
(2) Incorrect/missing registered file paths related to this dll

Follow these steps to fix it

(1) Remove and reinstall the application that triggers the error

(1) Simply remove that application from your PC
(2) Restart your PC
(3) Remove any remained folders that belong to that application
(4) Download and reinstall the latest version of that application

If that didn’t help…

(2) Use Windows System Restore
You can switch your Windows OS to an earlier point in time where you know that you didn’t have this problem. Doing this will not change any of your files, however whatever you’ve installed up to that earlier date will be removed.

The following repair tool enables you (for free) to easily use and manage your Windows System Restore points.

(3) Locate any Px.dll missing related errors
Again, this repair tool enables you to scan (free scan) your entire Windows OS and see if there are any open errors related to this dll file. This way you can easily detect the source of this error and try to handle it by yourself.

Detecting problematic dll related file paths

Detecting problematic dll related file paths




Comments? Suggestions?
If you have any comments or you’ve found other ways to fix this error, then feel free to post your comments below this section.


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