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Rasapi32.dll Error -- Quick Repair Guide!

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Rasapi32.dll error
In a minute I’ll show you how to repair the Rasapi32.dll error – this isn’t going to be too technical or complicated, however it is important to follow the repair steps as provided here. Hope you’ll find this post useful.

About Rasapi32.dll
This is a Windows system file located at C:\Windows\System32.
Basically this module is part of RAS (Remote Access Service) which enables Dial-Up networking and enables Windows to control modem connections.

Common errors
Typical errors related to this file occur on shutdowns and boot ups of the computer. Common errors include the following:

A dynamic link library (DLL) initialization routine failed. Unable to load DLL rasapi32.dll.

\System32\RASAPI32.dll file is missing or corrupt

What causes this error?
(1) File corruption
(2) Incompatible file version.
(3) Missing/corrupt registered file paths related to this dll

Quick repair guide

(1) Scan and repair your system files
Since Rasapi32.dll is part of your Windows OS, use your Windows System File Checker to detect and repair incompatible/missing/corrupt version of this dll as well as other system files.

If from some reason this didn’t solve the problem…

(2) Scan for other Rasapi32.dll related errors
Use the following Windows errors scanner – it’ll detect errors and problems caused by or related to this dll file. (Optional - It also enables you to repair these errors).

Scanning for incorrect dll registered file paths

Scanning for incorrect dll registered file paths


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Feel free to share with the other visitors of this page which method had helped you to repair this error.


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