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Rasdd.dll Errors can be Repaired Quite Easily!

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Dll errors | Rasdd.dll errors
Getting strange Rasdd.dll errors when trying to send something to the printer? Are you using a Windows NT based OS? In this post I’ll provide more details about why these errors occur and what you can do in order to repair them.

About Rasdd.dll
Raster Common Printer Driver DLL.
This file is a printer graphics driver, it is part of Windows NT OS and basically it deals with printer “languages” that are based on raster images (bitmaps) including PCL and many other dot matrix printer languages. One of its duties together with the other printer graphics drivers is converting graphics data into printer data.

Common problems
Sometimes you might not be able to print properly or be able to print anything at all, while Windows pops up an error the includes Rasdd.dll.

Causes to this Rasdd.dll error
When Windows pops up errors that include this dll file it means one thing – this printing driver is either obsolete/incompatible or it might have gotten corrupted. This can happen due to a recent virus infection or due to installation of an incompatible version of that file (Might occur due to a recent Windows update as one example – it is known that Windows updates not always bring up the best known compatible drivers).

How to repair

(1) Make sure that no virus has infected your PC
I highly advise you to scan your PC via a reliable anti-virus.
You can use Microsoft’s free anti-virus: Microsoft Security Essentials.

(2) Detect and replace defective printer related drivers
As mentioned earlier, one of your printer related drivers is either incompatible or corrupt. You need to detect and replace it. Use the following drivers scanner in order to detect and replace defective drivers:

(1) Scan your drivers via this tool
(2) Wait until it finishes the in-depth drivers scan…
(3) Review the defective drivers final report
(4) See which drivers are causing you this error
(5) Replace those drivers
(6) Restart Windows

This should fix the Rasdd.dll error that you’re encountering.


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