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Rpcrt4.dll Error -- Why it Happens and How to Fix it!

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Rpcrt4.dll Errors
I’ll begin and say that rpcrt4.dll error messages might occur due to various reasons; however there are several common reasons that probably cause it to pop up on your screen. In this article I’ll review these common reasons and provide a quick way out to this problem.

Information about this file
First of all, this dll file is a Remote Procedure Call API, and its typical file size is around 300K. It is used by various Windows based applications to communicate via the Internet or via a local network.

Like the majority of dll files, it is usually located under the following paths (pending your Windows OS platform):


Errors associated with this file usually occur after Windows startup, or while using certain applications that make use of this file.

What causes rpcrt4.dll error messages?
As I mentioned earlier, there are several (actually 3) main issues that probably cause this error on your computer.

(1) Malware or spyware infection of that file
(2) Damage in the registry file system
(3) The existence of an incorrect/corrupt driver

When a malware infects or corrupts certain dll files, you can expect dll errors to pop up on your screen. In many cases not only it infects the file, but damages registry entries associated with it. (That’s why conventional anti-virus software isn’t enough to repair this error).

Scanning for incorrect dll registered file paths

Scanning for incorrect dll registered file paths

Another quite common reason that causes dll errors are problematic drivers – both system or device drivers. A missing/corrupt/outdated dll file that belongs to a driver might be causing all that trouble.

The biggest problem for the average user is being able to detect the exact source(s) of the problem and then being able to repair it safely on their own without causing any further damages.

What can you do?
One safe way to handle rpcrt4.dll error messages is to conduct a comprehensive scan to your Windows system via a reliable Windows errors fixer. This enables you to track down the exact source or sources that cause you all that trouble and later enables you to fix them in a push of a button.


The tool I’ve just mentioned earlier not only fixes a wide range of Windows errors, it also maintains your system optimized. This improves the overall speed and performance of your Windows system.


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