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Rtutils.dll Error Step-by-Step Repair Guide!

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Rtutils.dll error
If you’re among those who encounter this Rtutils.dll error quite frequently, then in the following post I’ll provide a quick step-by-step repair guide for this annoying problem. Try each of the tips provided in this post and you’ll most probably be able to get rid of this error.

About Rtutils.dll
Routing Utilities dll module from Microsoft – part of your Windows OS.
Actually, it is part of the networking services of Windows. This module contains a library of codes associated with the Routing and Remote Access Service. The path to this dll file is usually C:\Windows\System32.

Common problems with this dll
Problems associated with this file include severe slowdowns in Windows performance, screen freezes, error messages indicating that rtutils.dll won't load or that Windows is unable to locate this file. These errors might also popup when trying to open specific applications such as MS Outlook or MSN Messenger.

Common causes to this error
(1) File is missing or corrupt due to a recent virus infection
(2) Incompatible version of this dll
(3) Damaged or missing registered file paths related to this file

Step-by-step repair guide

(1) Scan for a possible virus infection
Rtutils.dll might have gotten corrupted due to a recent virus attack. Conduct an in-depth scan to your Windows – I highly recommend using a reliable anti-virus tool (Microsoft Security Essentials from Microsoft is a good example and it’s totally free).

System is clean of viruses?

(2) Scan all your system files using your Windows SFC (System File Checker)
If something went wrong with that file or it is incompatible – your Windows SFC repair tool should easily be able fix it.

If no problems were detected with the file and the error continues to pop up…

(3) Scan for Rtutils.dll related errors
If there are any registered file paths errors in Windows related to this dll file, then the following Windows errors scanner should be able to detect (and repair) them.

Searching for damaged registered dll file paths

Searching for damaged registered dll file paths


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