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Sdl.dll Missing? Here are Few Repair Ideas!

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Dll errors | Sdl.dll missing error
So, you’ve started getting the Sdl.dll missing error? It seems like you’re not alone. In the following pots I’ll offer you several repair options based on what I’ve found about this dll error. Anyway, I hope you’ll find the following post helpful.

About Sdl.dll
Simple DirectMedia Layer Library created by SDL Corporation.
This is a cross-platform multimedia library used by applications for creating an abstraction of various platforms’ sound and graphics.

Common problems
Users of the Dolphin Emulator are those encountering most of the errors associated with this dll. They usually encounter the following: The program can't start because SDL.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.

Causes to this error
(1) The file is missing from your computer or from where is supposed to be.
(2) You’re using an incompatible or old version of this file.
(3) Incorrect/missing registered dll file paths related to this file.

Ideas and tips to repair this error

From what I’ve researched there isn’t one specific solution that repairs this error; however there are several directions that at least one of them may solve the problem.

(1) Remove the application that triggers this error and reinstall it
You might be using the wrong version or an older version of the application that triggers the Sdl.dll missing error – remove this application, restart your PC, delete all the related remaining folders of this application, then download the LATEST version of that application that fits your Windows OS (32bit/64bit).

If that doesn’t help…

(2) See if there are any open errors related to Sdl.dll
The following Windows errors scanner can easily tell you whether there are any open errors related to this dll. Run an in-depth scan to your Windows and if it’ll find any error related to this file you’ll be notified by the end of the scan in the detailed errors report.

Scanning for incorrect dll registered file paths

Scanning for incorrect dll registered file paths

If no errors related to this dll were detected…

(3) Contact SDL via their forum with your exact details
You can simply contact SDL’s support team via their forum, provide them with the exact details of your problem and see if they can find the answer to your specific error.


Any comments to this post?
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